inter1Through the intercession of St. Therese, the lives of many people have been permanently changed. Her love for us is immeasurable, and her intervention often leaves us with gratitude and appreciation. The following experiences of intercession are examples of how St. Therese continues to "shower her roses" upon us.

How has St. Therese interceded in your life?

  • Lori
    United States
    Mar 27, 2020

    “My story is a different than most, I know exactly what St. Therese was relying to me. I did a prayer petition. Shortly after I had the most vivid dream I was in my yard looking at my rose bushes. None of which had a rose. Not one. I was being told to cut them all back to the main branch, basically to start growing my roses all over again and if I tried really hard and and committed myself to these rose bushes I might have a chance of an actually getting a rose. I woke immediately from that dream crying that I did not see a rose. I went out to my front yard where we had rose bushes going all around along the side of the our house. I cut them all back to make them healthy again. She was telling me. It was not for her to give of herself more than I was willing to give of myself. I was going to have to work for it n so have been n honestly addiction has been easier to overcome!”

  • Brandon Bordelon
    United States
    Mar 18, 2020

    “On the drive home from work, all the news about CV-19 was weighing heavily on me and I sensed my own mortality like never before. This brought tears to my eyes and I felt an impulse to call my mother. Just then she called me. I felt the moment was providential, so I seized it: For over a year now I've been meaning to thank her for her prayers, for I believe her intercession and that of my dearly departed grandmother effected my return to the Church. She was overjoyed at the news. That night I had a dream. My mother and grandmother were both in it. They watched from a distance as I bought a magazine, on the cover of which was a picture of St. Therese. The title read, "OUR HOPE NOW." I took this to mean that The Little Flower is the world's hope during this perilous time. I believe her gracing my dream is a direct result of a novena that I prayed to her parents last month. Praise be!”

  • Shane Page

    Oct 17, 2019

    “My wife, a soon-to-be convert to the Catholic faith, has had some struggles in recent days. This morning I mentioned how she should ask the Little Flower to make intercessions for her, explaining that many people testify of having received a sign of roses. Somewhat skeptical, having never heard of this exercise before, my wife walked away. An hour later, she came into our bedroom in tears. She had remembered that today is the anniversary of her father's death. She then searched for an old photo album she had kept in storage for many years, which contained images of her father. Upon retrieving it, it fell open; and it fell open to a page containing a standalone photo of a bouquet of red roses her father had given her on her sixteen birthday. ”

  • Oct 3, 2019

    “St. Therese has interceded for me more times than I can count .... however I had been feeling very sad, and especially nostalgic for the past, since my sister passed away last November. I was praying in church to be able to overcome my nostalgia so that I can be more present for those who need me today and suddenly a thought entered my head that "there are new surprises around every corner". You can imagine how astonished I was when I read the September 29th quote from St. Therese. ("How great is my gratitude. What is He reserving for us in heaven if here below His love dispenses surprises so delightful?" -St. Therese of Lisieux) I am sure that she is with me always and sent me this thought to console and strengthen me.”

  • Eva
    Sep 30, 2019

    “I had been looking for a new place to live and a new job and and had been having a hard time finding either so I said a novena to St Therese. On my walk to visit a relative, I passed a house with bunches of trimmed roses at the front with a note that said “please take some home”. I got a new apartment and new job within 6 weeks of saying the novena. Thank you St Therese. ”

  • Lauren Celine
    United States
    Jun 5, 2019

    “I was standing with three of my managers at work. I work in consulting and they were talking about their extravagant summer vacation plans, like going to the South of France, spending time on yachts, etc. They asked me what I was doing and I told them that I was planning to spend time at a monastery and proceeded to tell them about Mount Carmel in La Plata, MD. None of those coworkers are Christian/Catholic, and at times I feel guilty because I work in business and not in a role where I help people on a more personal/deeper/soul level. All of the sudden I smelled the most beautiful scent of roses - it was so strong that it felt like I was smelling it directly under my nose, but no one new had walked in front of me and no one else around me seemed to smell it. It lingered for probably 30 seconds. I believe it was St. Thérèse comforting me as my friend and sister in Christ. ”

  • Caroline maylott

    Apr 17, 2019

    “St. Therese has always been a part of my life. She is my mother's favorite and both her and I chose her for our confirmation names. I also named my daughter after her. My mother past away earlier this month and then Notre Dame burned. I just viewed first video of damage done to the interior. As the camera rotates, there is the statue of St Therese! Always roses from heaven!”

  • Maria Geroche
    Apr 10, 2019

    “I was told 25 years ago that my chances of getting pregnant was only 10%, it was a devastating diagnosis after so many years of fertility treatment. I have always prayed to St. Therese, I said my novena faithfully everyday to help me with another child and my sister suggested to go to her doctor and I did and she gave me a new treatment plan which included a very religious Catholic Gynecologist who did a procedure which had given me hope. Two weeks before Easter, my girlfriend visited me and gave me a rose and on Easter Monday, I found out I was pregnant with triplets after 11 years of trying, ended up with twins and their middle names are Therese. Super blessing from my favourite saint, I say to those who are struggling with problems...prayers are so powerful, keep the faith and remember when everything fails, God's love will give us strength to carry our cross. God bless us all!”

  • Purita Buck
    United States
    Apr 9, 2019

    “Feb. 28, 2016 was the lowest & darkest time in my life. I fall asleep praying & crying all night, then I was awakened by a very strong smell of flowers at exactly 3 o'clock in the morning the next day. I jumped out of bed and turned on all the lights in the bedroom thinking I was dreaming, but the southing and calming smell of roses stayed for a few minutes. I was in absolute peace, then prayed & cried some more thanking God for the intervention. A few days later, I was in a hospital for my husband's appointment when I saw this Catholic magazine in the waiting room with St. Therese's picture on the cover. I read the article and realized that St. Therese came and consoled me that Feb. night in 2016. I've been researching all I can find about her, watched all the YouTube videos & she became my favorite Saint & my little intercessor. Thank you my little flower-pray for us broken hearted! ”

  • Marcella Spadaro

    Jan 27, 2018

    “I had two miscarriages and it was clear that it was going to be difficult to carry another baby. I prayed for St. Therese to intercede for me, and today I have my healthy baby boy. He will be 2 in March. I continue to pray for her intercession everyday to keep my family healthy and safe. Thank you St. Therese for interceding in our lives. ”