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St. Therese, beloved friend, we come before you in our need. We believe that you listen to us and approach God for and with us. Please accept these petitions, hopes, needs, and dreams I list below. Please present them to our Loving Father so that God may do what is best for us, for our loved ones, and for the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom. We ask you, dear friend, with the bold confidence and loving surrender you taught us. We make these prayerful petitions in the name of Jesus and through the power of His Spirit.

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- United States

Dear St Therese, please protect my family and staff from Covid19. We all remain to be safe, healthy and negative from Covid19 and other illnesses. Protect us especially because of staff day off, eating out, meeting family and friends, driving lessons, work, lakwachas, dinner with friends and family, school.
Protect and safeguard my family, parents and our houses in all aspects.
Spare us from other illnesses like dengue, cancer, stroke, heart attack.
My parents, Dennis and I will live to be strong and healthy til our 90s. I am totally fine. Nothing serious, terminal nor fatal. Normalize my blood pressure and no more palpitations. This is not a heart attack, stroke. No blockages, no thyroid problem and no major medical procedure. All my medical test results are within normal range and treated by just medicine.
Both kids are happy, mentally and emotionally healthy. They will be safe from harm, danger and Covid19 when they go out and go back to school. Both will find real, true, decent and wholesome friends. Mateo will be more responsible and confident. He won’t be an outcast and won’t be bullied. He will be a nice and good person. He will be happy in La Salle.
I pray for financial stability and abundance. Continuous abundance of money for us. That Dennis will hit all his monthly sales quota. He continues to have an abundance of sales and orders. Consistent supply of beans. He would be able to expand safely, profitably and successfully soon. Lead him to the right path. He will provide for us until at least when Mateo graduates from college, meaning he is totally healthy. He will get unstuck and will flow again. Vic is honest in handling their money. They find new tenants in Novaliches asap. My work is best for the whole family in terms of safety, happiness, time, money and protection from harm, danger and Covid19.
Protect my family from harm, evil danger.
Isabel will be safe from Covid19, danger and harm when she goes out especially when she goes out of Ateneo, at night, with friends.
Praying for a good government.
Please lower and normalize my blood pressure and no more palpitations. This is nothing serious, fatal nor terminal.


- United States

Please, pray for my nephews James and Michael and my sister and me get well soon and everything fine. Thanks


- Philippines

My Beloved St. Therese, please pray for the healing of my daughter. Please pray too for financial blessings be bestowed to us for her birthday. This is ask in Jesus name through the Holy Spirit. Amen🙏


- United States

St Therese pls adopt me as your spiritual child pray for me bless guide provide for me in every way never let go of me even at my hour of death until we are both raised from the dead with Jesus together and even afterwards pls never let me go and pray for me daily with the PrsBlood Jesus IPrg JDP JEL HFJ OLS OLL Sts Rphl Stnsls Rocco Dym Jdi Rita bless provide guide heal V. of all sickness&fever,sinus&cough HCS, virus, sore throat, infctn, allergies, asthma, flu,aches,pains;EMBS sickness,any COVID if V has it.SPECLIENTS;V dt&mry =ykd gntlmn hsbd lk St Jsph make him not cold to V guide us together on angels wings quickly bless us with graces we need the most,money,ST,peaceof mind, calm, joy, money, incomes, better health & healing, car home and LOVE: Peace on Earth. Conversion of sinners, Mary and ST Josephs intentions swaps, V sell $724 of Mary Kay every month iin 2022 2023+ fvr for Victoria more money income prosperity better health joy happiness datesi joy for Victoria thank you God end all Satans Pomps and Works pride impurity paganism abortion gay marriage LGBTQ spirit of poverty sicknessness storms in V community WV and USA put the mind and heart of Jesus on all in USA and on earth plus fill our hearts and homes in USA with the Holy Spirit thank you GOD then all of the above for today and next three hundred+ years thank you God 3 Hail Mary's, etc.


- United States

🌹 Thank You 🌹

🪔 For ☀️ Heaven ☀️ on 🌍 Earth 🌍
I 🕯️ pray 🕯️ for so deeply 🙏 🪔

🔥 Our Father 🔥
🙏 Thank you for showing me ☀️ Heaven ☀️
in college. 🙏 It was amazingly beautiful. I want everyone to experience ☀️ Heaven ☀️ on 🌍 Earth 🌍. The world would be a much happier place ☮️

I've noticed that the longer I patiently wait, the bigger the blessings you shower on me.

🕊️ Ricky 🕊️ and 🕊️ Celine 🕊️

✝️ B ✝️

🛠️ Missing my former employer CemTechnologies, Inc. 🛠️

🛰️ NASA…🛰️

🌹Tessy revealed to me why I had to post on this website on Columbia's Anniversary this past February of 2022. 🚀 NASA is going to decompose the ISS🛰️ 🌹Tessy is "my eyes and ears."🌹 Tessy tells me what really is happening in space with the astronauts…and the ISS

The NASA employees I mentioned yesterday on this website were SAVED by me many years ago.

Unfortunately, there's a whole lot more employees that makes me cry for "my seven shining stars"

😓So Sad 😢 I know the truth 😢

I have waited patiently for the past twenty years. 🔥Our Father 🔥has blessed me ASTRONOMICALLY.

All I can do now is get back into prayer and health.

I have my family, extended family and friends 🌹


- United States

🌹 Thank you 🌹

As always:

🪔 For ☀️ Heaven ☀️ on 🌍 Earth 🌍
I 🕯️ pray 🕯️ for so deeply 🙏 🪔


- United States

Therese HFJ OLS Precious Blood Jesus 9 choirs angels bless Vi;bring V real cute classy nice decent =yoke gentleman Christian Cthli faithful husband like ST Joseph(he is emotionally available lyl open to commitment to V)together on angels wings quickly,bless him 2 not be cold 2 V&ask V out;be happy about it,V to we fall in love date marry&R always in love peace healthy&happy. Guide Provide & Bless us both a lot;What's wrong that we are not dating&married to each other fix it.Heal us both.Don't waste Vs money&time.Bring him 2 V.Peace Love $ 4 V.Bless Vs prayer packets ministry bag STT OSST DM&candle intentions God answer all prayer requests insides.Bless provide guide heal replaceiiiiii rpi improve in abundances V&Vs incomes gas money fnc rtmnt cmm gas carb bkr CLA Lcrtn DRPMTBlCFmII Atkns(healthy food)exercise home dates body mind soul atty&fees bkcyii better health shpg/rtns love DMIHIIIII btrposition SI success business wrtg SI careers(internet rent utilities hair appt SFAEIHMI gas dish MK car CC pymnts provided)good rptn healings good luck SEIgood fortune control V tongue gas self-control love peace faith hope inspiration sftyiii CMM coupons entnmt clarity ovrcm tmptns safe travel SLD childrens books bkctrct a publisher SII friendships happiness MK sales $724+each month(more money&income 4V&stay w/V)joy happy unions deliverance daytripsi/vacations safety weight loss security organize tidy stability prof/personal bty love NCBCROCI gas CR peace of mind&body SL CCPI(siii supportive friends people moral=yoked Ci.Christian husband like St Joseph church community md attys agent employers rifriends dates health team)temporal&spiritual favor4V.Curb V appetite raise V mtblsm V lose 15lbs&inches Lower V sugar & chlstrl. God mold V into who V is 2 be 4 God.Bless V to be healthy meek wealthy fit nice happy well paid ii simple classy positive love pretty ladylk rf polite calm sz10-12 angel of knds lady wife2B MKrep author hlr mdl sgr who/all V is 2 B 4 God a warm fit happy healthy heart & life.Relief of all V pains.V make good decisions;Keep V free from harm.Negative lack misfortun WG mti bully adversity EMBSI fncl dfclty VLSW SI SPADI DEVIL negative bbb&trouble far from V 2day-2079+;build V future,provide 4 all V needs let it all come ez 2 V;special Intentions spii.Put on V full armor of God.Special Petitions Special Intentions Special Intentions;Provide Guide Blessi V future jobs home car dates FSM money Sprg Smr Fall Wntr holidays Xmas BMS BklI MK sales favor 4 V I 2022-77 hlthii all hldysiiE.xmsii lnbqd&ciivbiidtvcigsfviinvszcliicriidrpmdeccmmgasdtvihriimkwdhraiatndsiishbhqbmilskihlwiniiphniifsideifvm4viidpiclalcbiiirfllkiiiiiiiiiiiipDMIHIIIIliibkyiiiiimjiiVCCPIIII clrg all holiday & ptrys mtg gthrg siifv 4v mkV FrVctnJwieci sthnrchiiihbiicniiiiiiVslssi all Vshldys&clbtns, V move forward in V own life build V's own future focus on V's own life& future fv/mrcy 4 V; Career Money Dates Prosperity Healing (EMBS hlg) Btr health dvn tmng dvnordr good rep gntlens graces V needs mosti HSgfi sit temporal&sp fv4V no rent rz4V more $ dt fn hlth dviiiifv4v V; FS V's home money health lifeii; curb V appetite rs V mtblc rate v wg 155lbs V lose 12 pounds tndV eat only 1275 kcl day burn at least 400+kcl V eat high prtn high fbr frsh vggies frts low carb low rfndsgr v exs spclfdsplnsiiiiiiiiiiiV walk 10,000 steps daily; V sell 724+monthly of MK every year of Vs life stbl scure wlpd good money coming to V each day&year of Vs lfei on earth fv mrcys for V.;put on V brstplt of St ptrkclkVw/clkof StPtrk&STJsphiiifvvsiiii more moral value based cute ChrtnCthlci moral siii dates for Viday tripsvacationsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisii tbsi cptlgrnaptii mvii shpg lunch dinner dates g/pg movies wlkg& zoo dates museum iiiiii bst evry day rtn 4 Vii holidaysevbike ridesi exercise dtoiiii take adrive mass rosary rdgfun dates where there is peace we can have nice conversations sii help bless V to get ahead fncly in V own life PBJ HFJ blss V and SI to not let anyonedvdusisi


- United States

Dear St. Therese, Please keep my friend Tiffany and her family safe while vacationing in Russia. Thank you.


- United States

Querida Santa Teresita: Buenas tardes! Gracias por tus favores! Te pido me ayudes con Luis. Que podamos cambiar la cita medica. Que Luis no ponga reparos. Por la sanacion de su piel y q siga estable. Iluminame y umins a Luis padre. Ayudame y sanalos y protegelos. Dirigelos y a mi. Protege a mami, con quien se relaciona en estos dias. Protegenos s todos del covid etc. Bendice a Luisito. Amen que Luis no se enoje y saque provecho. Amen

Pray for Dylan

- United States

Payer Request:

Padre Pio, you have helped so many. Your miracles are well known .

Please help Dylan Rounds and his family.

He has been gone from home for 2 months.

What has happened? Where is he? What has happened???

Please help them all. Please see and find Dylan and bring him home!!!

Thank You Padre Pio in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen


- United States

"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest."
O Jesus, King of Mercy, please send laborers to Eric. O Jesus, King of Love, please touch Eric's eyes and give him the grace to see the truth of The Gospel. Please touch his ears and give him the grace to hear The Gospel and to believe in The Gospel, and act on The Gospel. Jesus, Our Good Shepherd, please send your Blessed Mother, and St Joseph to bless and encourage Eric now and through Eric's life.
O Jesus, Risen from the dead, please give Eric New Life and New Hope.
O Jesus, Our soon coming King, please help Eric to find his place in The Roman Catholic Church and more importantly his place in Heaven. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless Eric, Bless His home, and Bless his family enfold them in your love Amen


- United States

Little flower thank you for answered prayer please hear and answer my prayers for financial help to help us find a good safe home for all of us bring my daughter home to stay Please little flower in this hour show your power please bind the evil that is Connie cast her to the feet of Jesus….save my immortal soul from hell in Jesus name I pray


- United States

Please Pray for Jack in his upcoming medical procedure and ask that his Cancer be cured. Pray for all the struggles our family is having right now. And also remember Norma Taflas . May she rest in Peace.


- United States

I pray to St. Therese for my friend, Eveann who is suffering tremendous pain as a result of lung cancer. She has suffered from breast cancer previously, but her pain now is terrible. Please relieve her of this.


- United States

Heavenly Father – I ask & pray for the healing of my friend Mike V who is in the Hospital – please heal him especially his lungs and if it's your will I will be undergoing a heart procedure/valve replacement that I may please be healed


- United States

For Gabbie who is so lonely, please protect her from temptations and old ways of relieving her loneliness. Bring good Christian people into her life. For her to be given strength not to do the things she used to in order to not be lonely. For her dad Jim and for myself.