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St. Therese, beloved friend, we come before you in our need. We believe that you listen to us and approach God for and with us. Please accept these petitions, hopes, needs, and dreams I list below. Please present them to our Loving Father so that God may do what is best for us, for our loved ones, and for the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom. We ask you, dear friend, with the bold confidence and loving surrender you taught us. We make these prayerful petitions in the name of Jesus and through the power of His Spirit.

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- United States

Pray Rosary for Life aim for restoration comfort & agree with one another live in peace & the God of love & peace will be with you.Thank You Lord for blessings gifts graces prayers answered unanswered.Draw us closer to You.We pray for this ministry supporters requests here.Father Son & Holy Spirit Mary St. Joseph Holy Family Angels holy helpers saints & intercessors please ask God to surround us all with His all encompassing compassionate healing love & fulfill our vocation.M-B-lineage Dad ourselves families children relatives friends our & have been a part of our lives asked our prayer have no one to pray with for them living & deceased free the holy souls in Purgatory.Thank you.JMJ+


- United States

Roses Little Sister for Mike dental procedures lower sugar levels bonding with Michael Michael relief from pain and tremors patience with staff and family promotion bonding with his Dad Patrick good grades handwriting behavior good wound healing growing up very tall lean caring patient spiritual man good bowling basketball Strength for Taylor BreeLinda Mskcc and HSS patients all those praying to you good Chemo and results Souls of my parents brother Monsignor Lorraine Dolores Cervi Rosille soul in purgatory soul of unborn baby in Jesus Name I pray Thank you


- United States

"Holy Mother, Heaven is our true home. God is Our Father and Jesus Christ is Our Savior. You are Our Loving Mother…St Joseph, a good father. Holy Mother, please defend and protect Eric. Please lead and guide him home to Heaven. Please watch over him day by day. Bring healing when he is sick…Bring hope when he is down cast. Bring him strength when he is weak…Bring joy and happiness when he is sad…Shelter him in The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen'


- United States

St Therese please pray for me hold on to me watch over me and out for me all of my life on earth help make all of my dreams hopes and prayers come true. Help me please and keep trouble lack financial difficulty sickness evil spirits downward spirals violences bullies and trouble makers out of my life forever. Please go find bls prt hl gd clr prvdi 4V abdtI;gd V gntmn clsy CCthiiiicute=ykd open 2 cmt lyl emtl avlbl fthfl 2V hm hsbd lkStJ 2gthr on angel wings Not B cold2V&askVout;SII;bless usand don't make V look like a fool or dumb ruin V life please keep that out of my life forever siiii thank you so muchiiiiiiii and don't waste Victoria's time and money or Victoria's resources and temps in V community crisp holy gentle qt 54-72 yrrdin23+;gv Vincms gc $ lv Hth SIII POM wlhhpj;SPECIALINTENTONS&PETITONS
;Special Petitions IntentionsSpecial IntentionsSpecial Intentions Special Intentions,V sell $424 Mary Kay every month 2023&2024+ more krgrgsutmnyhrcmmgciigciiiiiiiiiii fv4v $ joy dts incm (Vlose a few pounds and inches lower V sugar bp crzii chs cnfsn ii and chstlrl levels) contn love prsty temporal favors 4 V in 2023-2074+;Bls V 2B hlthy wlthy happy ws nc prtysz12 ipaid sd tnd ldy rfangl knds atr MKW2BSIIIM Thank you so much. Peace on Earth Conversions souls in purgatory reparation for Victoria's sins and sin in the world, & Mary and St Josephs intentions for a swap thank you so much all of the above for today and next fifty plus years thank you God 4 Hail Mary's, etcs.


- Canada

Please pray for Mom's sigmoidoscopy exam on Monday for colorectal cancer goes very well and receives great results. Alors please pray so that the cancer does not spread. Also need prayers for my family and I to stay healthy and protected throughout the year. Mom's name is Eveline(pronounced Evelyn). May God Bless everyone on earth and everyone who left us. Amen


- United States

Please, pray for my nephew gets well soon and everything good. Thanks


- United States

Please, pray for my nephews James and Michael and my sister Maria and my brothers and me and my cousin and my niece get well soon and everything fine. Thanks


- United States

Pray for us today


- Canada

St. Therese, please help grant this miracle I ask for my family. please strengthen our faith, especially with what we are going through right now, help keep us strong and guide us to always do the right thing. Bring us closer to God, especially R and H who are both going through some difficulties. May they realize that God is with them and be comforted by his presence. Help us to be good parents so that we can guide our children to be strong and make good decisions for our family. Please keep us safe and healthy. Thank you for all the blessings.

Karen D

- United States

Dear Saint Theresa. I need you in my life always please. Make my grandchildren and their parents healthy safe happy and smart. And Buddy. Make them a loving family and keep evil away from them. Make them excel in school and have them surround themselves with good people. Have their parents bosses and peers appreciate all they do for their companies and reward them for their efforts. Amen Guide my brother and sister in law to heaven and RIP. Amen Have my brother and family be healthy safe happy and smart. Please no money problems.Keep evil away from them. Amen Make us healthy safe happy and smart. Remove all pains from us and make us the way we were. Help us to move back so we can be close to our loved ones. No money problems and make the world a better place to live in. Drain the swamp and get rid of these dumbocrats who are ruining our country. Amen Help Trump to be innocent of all charges and keep him and his family safe. Make him the best president we ever had. Amen Help the children elderly poor homeless people and all those who need you Help the Catholic Church regain respect and the Pope needs help. Amen Here are flowers for you to say thank you. Amen 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 If I forgot anyone please include them Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏


- United States

St Therese,

Thank you for all of my blessings.

Please send me a sign that CB will come back to me soon. Please let him choose me. Show me he is thinking of me and misses me and what he did has not made him forget me. My heart aches for him. I love this man from my soul. Please show me it was all real. Please let him undo what he did. It’s causing me such anxiety. You know my fears right now. Please show me I do not need to worry. I don't want to lose him. I'm trying so hard to remain faithful. I love and remain faithful to you always.

Thank you so much

- United States

THANK YOU SO MUCH my dear St. Therese and all the prayer warriors who helped intercede for me. Results of my father’s latest scan was excellent. Please continue to heal him from this cancer. Please help him beat cancer. Please continue to remove cancer in his body. I am beyond grateful for this answered prayers. I don’t know how I can give God’s love for us back. Please continue to help my father get completely healed. Thank you so much. I also pray for everyone here who are faithfully waiting for God’s help in their prayers. Everyone who are battling cancer. Please heal everyone. I also pray for my mother please continue to heal her goiter as well that she will not need surgery. I pray for myself too that I will not have cancer and any serious illness. My little children still needs me. Please don’t let anyone in my family have cancer. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Amen.


- United States

Dear St. Therese,

Please pray for my daughter, my family, Our President, Ukraine and the World.

Lord hear my prayers, Thank you St. Therese.


- United States

Oh my Jesus heart my prayers please Jesus for three state of Minnesota and the law they passed please Jesus I pray for all peoples as our world it’s action beliefs are spiraling out of control deeper and deeper into sin Jesus we need You we need Your peace Justice love mercy grace. Please Jesus keep Sarah healthy watch over her Joe Christina Kyle Rebecca Channing all in our lives and family for m a s r m c a k m c and all who are sick suffering mourning seeking Justice those who have hardened their hearts are being persecuted oh Jesus I lift all to You please ask the Father to hasten the day spare us the evils and trial John warns us in revelation please Jesus come come soon thank You for the love mercy grace blessings I do not deserve please Jesus hear the cries of You own oh Jesus please I love You


- United States

Little flower thank you for answered prayer please hear and answer my prayers for financial help to get us back on track with finding moving into paying for good safe affordable housing for the 4 of us please bind all obstacles and evil open doors create opportunities soften the hearts of those who can help to help Carmella Robert sandy Gary Jim please protect holy mother church and her holy priests end the war convert Russia please save my Jim's my family's immortal souls from hell release the souls in purgatory save our country and world in Jesus name I pray


- United States

St Theresa, can we move Steve along please. I am told when he is ready… Steve can be extremely slow. Can you, St Jude and Jesus nudge him towards the finish line please? The finish line being me of course. I continue to promise to help him heal and help him live the life he deserves. Thank you.