St. Therese lived a simple and unassuming life dedicated to all the “little things” to glorify God. She always tried to do loving things to please God and benefit His children.

One thing St. Therese would have done is give a Mass Card to the family of someone who died. This simple act of compassion requires very little, yet means so much to the recipient.

It is easy to act in the spirit of St. Therese and to reach out to someone who has lost a loved one. Simply use a “Shower of Roses” Memorial Mass Card to enroll the deceased person in the Society of the Little Flower. You can enroll someone with a card below or request more to have on hand.

When you complete this “little” act you will do two simple but great things to glorify God: You will extend sympathy to someone by including their loved ones in the Masses and Prayers of the Carmelites. Also, you will help further the good works of the Carmelites throughout the world.

Let St. Therese be an example to inspire you and you go through today and every day.

Memorial Mass Card

Provide the enrolled person’s name in the Intentions Box or request more to be sent to your address. If you wish to have a card printed up, please visit our Mass Card page.