Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 5: 1-7
Second Scripture Reading
Philippians 4: 6-9
Gospel Reading
Matthew 21: 33-43

Opening Prayer

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend that we really are Your vineyard, Lord, – that You have chosen us to the place where Your reign grows and blossoms. Thank You for caring so much about us – and Your owner’s attentiveness. You till, clear, fertilize, weed, prune, water and wait, so that we might blossom as the garden/vineyard You created us in originally. Are you shocked at the ways we misuse the vineyard, by growing wild, hoarding for ourselves and generally being hostile to Your attentive love and resources? I’m sorry that so often we pretend that we are the owners. Please don’t ignore us and let us lie fallow – we will be overrun by weeds and rocks! Renew us in Jesus that we might blossom as the creation You intended. Till us again so that we are not hard soil and hardened hearts who reject Your Son. You planted him deep within us that Your garden reign might blossom. Your attentive owner’s care is all we have, Lord. Please, don’t let us grow wild and sour!

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