The Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas

First Scripture Reading
1 John 2: 12-17
Gospel Reading
Luke 2: 36-40

Opening Prayer

Ancient God, ever-young among us, Anna and Simeon saw the wonder of Jesus. Do we have to be so old to understand and give thanks for the confusing ways You love and appear to us, Lord? They knew that Jesus would be a source of consolation and consternation, yet they believed that he was the Holy One you were sending. Continue to fill us with Your ancient light and gentle wisdom that we may live by Your law. Let nothing enhance or try to justify the darkness we live in and create. Enlighten us to love one another and give flesh to your saving and freeing presence among us. We really are your children, Holy God, because You have created, adopted, saved and embraced us. Be our light. Make us children of light to one another.

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