St. Therese’s Wisdom: Everything is Grace

St. Therese's Pearls of Wisdom: Everything is Grace

Taken from “Pearls of Wisdom” by M. Susan Lautenbach

The impossibility, however, of receiving Holy Communion did not sadden Therese. “No doubt, it is a great grace to receive the sacraments. When God does not permit it, it is good too! Everything is grace!”

Later on, when she was in the state of exhaustion, she confided, “What would become of me if God did not give me courage? A person does not know what this is unless he experiences it. What a grace it is to have faith! If I had no faith, I would have inflicted death on myself without hesitating a moment!”

-St. Therese of Lisieux

Our Prayer

Beacon of Hope –
In the fading moments of life when many would crumble in despair –
your tiny heart expanded to unwrap the gift of grace in a devastating deathbed journey.

From the slightest shadow of distraction to the darkest cloud of disappointment,
your trusting vision perceived an unfolding light of blessing in the blackest of nights.

Open the eyes of my heart, Therese, that I too might find grace when
my dreams are dashed, my life diminished or my visions waylaid.

Strengthen my journey that I might trust
in the prevailing grace of my Creator in all the situations of my life.