St. Therese and Psychological Healing

Words of St. Therese

As Mamma wrote in another letter: “Little Therese asked me the other day if she would go to heaven. I told her ‘Yes, if she were good.’ She answered: ‘Yes, but if I am not good, I’ll go to hell. But I know what I will do. I will fly to you in heaven, and what will God be able to do to take me away? You will be holding me so tightly in your arms!’ I could see in her eyes that she was really convinced that God could do nothing to her if she were in her mother’s arms.

She becomes emotional very easily. As soon as she does anything wrong, everyone must know it. Yesterday, she tore off a small piece of wallpaper by mistake. She wanted to tell her Father immediately, and you would have pitied her to see her anxiety. When he returned four hours later, and everyone had forgotten about it, she ran at once to Marie saying: ‘Marie, hurry and tell Papa I tore the paper.’ Then she awaited her sentence as if she were a criminal. There is an idea in her little head that if she owns up to something, she will be more readily forgiven.”

Our Prayer

Jesus, Son of God, we need Your healing touch! There are areas of stress which are shrinking and gripping us; we are, at times, restless beyond our dreams and pursue paths which never satisfy us; we carry heavy burdens of insecurity, projecting themselves as arrogance; we pretend we are God and try to control everything and everyone; we strive to be perfect in ways that overwhelm our humanity; we seem unable to forgive ourselves, and therefore don’t easily forgive others and You. Our need to be right and successful defines all our priorities; perfection becomes my spouse; the anxiety of carrying heavy burdens of my own creation creates a stress-filled monster, rather than Your human brother or sister in need of Your mercy, freedom and strength. Heal us, Jesus! We ask You this, through the intercession of St. Therese, who teaches us confidence and trust in Your love.