St. Therese and Healing of Mediocrity

Words of St. Therese

One day, Leonie, thinking she was too big to be playing any longer with dolls, came to us with a basket filled with dresses and pretty pieces for making others; her doll was resting on the top. “Here, my little sisters, choose: I’m giving you all this.” Celine stretched out her hand and took a little ball of wool which pleased her. After a moment’s reflection, I stretched out mine saying: “I choose all!” and I took the basket without further ceremony.

This little incident of my childhood is a summary of my whole life; later on when perfection was set before me, I understood that to become a saint one had to suffer much, seek out always the most perfect things to do, and forget self. I understand, too, there are many degrees of perfection and each soul is free to respond to the advances of our Lord, to do little or much for Him.

Then as in the days of my childhood, I cried out: “My God, I choose all!” I don’t want to be a saint by halves. I am not afraid to suffer for You. I fear only one thing: to keep my own will; so take it for “I choose all” that You Will.

Our Prayer

Generous and wholehearted Jesus, we need Your healing touch! There are areas which shrink our hearts – we are not consistent and constant in love as You are. We compromise ourselves, not responding generously to the instincts of our heart where Your Spirit is whispering within us; we don’t give people the benefit of the doubt; we are less than whole-hearted in trusting and loving You.

We choose to sell ourselves short and follow only our will, hopes and hurts. We expect less of others, diminishing their dignity and possibilities by the petty judgments we make. We excuse our small-minded and sinful attitudes and behaviors because other people are doing them, or because we see ourselves as victims of others’ dysfunction rather than as vessels of Your goodness and presence. Heal our false humility which makes us petty.

Free us to choose all that You will. Implant in us the expansive, inclusive and generous heart of God, in Whose image we are created!

We ask You this, through the intercession of St. Therese, who teaches us confidence and trust in Your love.