Thanksgiving Novena Day Three: Dreaming Big

Photo of St. Therese at age eight.

“My God, I choose all!  I don’t want to be a saint by halves… I choose all that You will!”

-St. Therese of Lisieux

Generous God, I am grateful that I yearn for more – for the wholeness of life and connection with everything.    Thank you for the restlessness that keeps me growing until I become more like You, Inclusive Love.    I am grateful for everyone and everything you send my way.  We rejoice that through Mary, You chose to make us Your Temple, the living Body of Your Christ.

Thanksgiving Novena Intentions

Submit your prayer intentions to be remembered in our Thanksgiving Novena.


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  1. St. Therese of the Little Flower, thank you for hearing our prayers & granting them with favorable blessings through the years. Please intercede for us during these days of the pandemic to continue to look to Jesus, Our Redeemer King to help us in our needs both spiritual and temporal. Amen

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