inter1Through the intercession of St. Therese, the lives of many people have been permanently changed. Her love for us is immeasurable, and her intervention often leaves us with gratitude and appreciation. The following experiences of intercession are examples of how St. Therese continues to "shower her roses" upon us.

How has St. Therese interceded in your life?

  • veronica garbella
    United States
    Mar 27, 2015

    “St.Therese has never left my side, no matter what came my way. In 1980, I was in a car accident, hitting a tree at 95 miles an hour. I was exposed to harmful chemicals at work, leaving me bedridden for six years and I’m now permanently disabled. I was a witness to my husband’s suicide. During all my trials, St. Therese’s Story of a Soul reassured me. She suffered great pain during her life, too. Her “little way” is the only way I have survived and will continue to survive. I know I have her example of Love and Grace and the promises made by Jesus to bring us home to Our Father into His Kindgom. Thank you, Little Flower!”

  • Margot Langbeen
    United States
    Mar 25, 2015

    “My relationship with my friend in heaven began in 6th grade when I attended Shrine of the little flower grade school. I was ridiculed by the kids there terribly. It affected my health- I quit eating. I was healed from anorexia and have remained free of that affliction today. Then I got married and due to my husbands health we needed intercession to have children. I prayed for roses and received three of them all which have her name... Mara Rose Maizy Rose, Michael Ray Martin. I found small fabric roses in a church w Mara and in the hallway of my home each time before finding out I was pregnant. And now I am found with my fourth miracle Owen who will soon be baptized at Shrine of the little flower church because of the kindness of Fr. Bob Fisher. I was following sin and committed very serious and hurtful sins. With her grace and love I was blessed and forgiven. She is my friend in heaven”

  • Catherine Suchodolski
    United States
    Mar 8, 2015

    “St. Therese has answered so many of my prayer requests that I regret now that I did not keep a written record! St. Therese is a good friend to me. Her story has brought me so much comfort. Because of her, I never feel unloved anymore--her trust of Jesus is "contagious" and her willingness to be His servant is the guarantee of happiness here on Earth! She is my sister in Christ and I love her very much. No problem is too insignificant to her--what a friend. Thank God for St. Therese, the Little Flower! Catherine”

  • Beth Collman
    United States
    Mar 5, 2015

    “I have a very simple faith - lively, but simple. I asked St. Theresa to Ask God to get all in my family confirmed in the Faith....and then I waited. I waited and waited and waited for a rose. None came. I stopped waiting. I thought God said no or not yet. One afternoon, turned on the television and there they were - 100's of them, 1,000's of them, spilling off the tables, onto the ground - the camera panned back - they were building a float for the rose bowl parade - guess God said OK...”

    United States
    Mar 5, 2015

    “St. Therese is always there in prayer. She is always with you. My sister, who I never met, died before I was born. She was hit by a car before she could take her confirmation name, Therese. Our mom put St. Therese's face on her tombstone!”

  • MaryAnn Russell
    United States
    Mar 5, 2015

    “After returning to the Catholic Church after 27 years I was brushing up on reading about the lives of saints. Half way through St. Therese' Story of a Soul, I put the book down and said aloud "St. Therese, I know for a fact that God hears & answers prayers. If you can really hear me please have someone give me flowers tomorrow." That morning at the photo studio at 11am as I was packing up props, my boss walked up to me & said "Have I given you any flowers lately?", as he handed me two hydrangeas. Tears sprang to eyes as my boss looked startled and said "Whaaaaat!" I told him of my request. He held up his arm as proof & said "You are giving me goose bumps!" Yes, the saints & angels hear our prayers! I am now awaiting the manifestation of roses I received during St. Therese's novena regarding financial vindication which will allow me to keep my beloved Lost Cottage, promised by God.”

  • Rea Yap
    United States
    Mar 3, 2015

    “St. Therese is a great inspiration. I asked for a sign and she is continuously showering me with flowers. Whenever I feel alone and sad I just pray for her intercession and instantly I feel relief. ”

  • len
    Mar 1, 2015

    “My husband and I applied for a visa and got denied once. After 2 years, we thought of applying again, but I'm afraid we'll be disapproved again. My officemate told me to say a novena to St Therese and ask for a sign. I did and I got the rose during our christmas party when I was one of the awardees. The rose was given to me as a token for a job well done and what a coincidence, it was the same person who told me to say the novena who handed me the rose. It was a white rose and for me it was not just a token but an answer (sign) to my prayers. We finally got the visa. Thank you St Therese for the intercession. Thank you Lord for the blessing. My mother is very sick right now and again I'm asking for prayers........”

  • Mad

    Mar 1, 2015

    “St. Therese has been there for me countless times these past 2 years, after a difficult college experience that left me shattered and depressed. What I want to speak of specifically today is a family trip to New Iberia, LA. I have 2 phobias: heights and fast cars whizzing by. There was one situation in which I had to face both of these, simultaneously: walking on a high bridge, while cars sped past. St. Therese has been my special friend lately, and I begged her for some hope, a rose bush, anything. Well, we were on a walking tour, and our next stop was Mt. Carmel Academy. Just beyond that bridge was a Carmelite haven, and who cared if it was just a high school? It was all I needed. With my family supporting me, I made it over that bridge and back, and after a rest in front of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Peter's Church, I was walking near the roads and braving heights with more ease. ”

  • Kent jones
    United States
    Jul 24, 2014

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