Win light for sinners

Photo detail of St. Therese of Lisieux in a group shot at Le Carmel monastery.

I would willingly spend the whole of my religious life in this dark underground passage, if by it I might win light for sinners. – St. Therese of Lisieux


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  1. St. Therese, I missed you last night at the Treasury of Sacred Relics Exposition and I am sorry. II looked and looked for you and did not find you. I did venerate your Mom and Dad. You know how precious you are to me. I hope that you and your family are very good friends with mine. Be sure to lovingly attend to my son, Joseph; share with him your delight in God. My other son, Michael, is still here on earth and having a very difficult time. Please help him. I named my boys after St. Joseph and St. Michael; they are surely helping, too.

    Last night there were 140 Sacred Relics available to 400 people and it was overwhelming. My right food started to hurt; you know it’s problem, dear Saint. It’s a very great thing that God has provided us Saints like you, to be our models and to constantly intercede for us, just like the Angels do. You teach me so much. Perhaps last night’s biggest take away is this: That I should ask for the grace to forgive myself for my long and wretched and sinful life. It is only by a miracle of grace that I am where I am. Thank God and Blessed Mother and all of heaven on my behalf.

    May I continue to follow as you say: Be bold and daring, fully confident in God’s Love and Mercy. As soon as I fall, throw myself at His Mercy; His loving Father’ heart cannot keep from forgiving me and wanting only my good.

    Thank you for all the people involved in spreading your message: Love Alone, Fix our eyes on Jesus!

  2. Saint Therese, You are certainly an inspiration to me in all respects. I read your passages each and every morning ..
    You are certainly an inspiration to me in all respects. I read your passages each and every morning… I get such light out of them… If only the light would stay with me throughout the day. But the busyness of my day forces me to forget that I do have light and to say prayers throughout the day. Please pray for me as well as for my family To bring them closer to our Lord. Thank you Saint Therese as you are most definitely an inspiration in all ways. Please stay with me and help keep me centeted in Jesus. Thank you!!

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