Guides and Inspires

Row of votive candles

He guides and inspires me every moment of the day. Just when I need it, a new light shines on my problems. – St. Therese of Lisieux


3 comments on “Guides and Inspires
  1. Grant eternal peace to my brother and our parents. Keep Lois and me safe from harm and any wrongdoing. Protect us from the CoronaVirus. PLEASE help us with our finances.

  2. St. Therese, Jesus is sleeping in the boat while a storm is raging and attempting to kill me, to make me angry at His silence. I don’t have Your faith and generosity, Dear Saint, lend me Your heart so that I can believe, adore, trust, and love Him with my nothingness, during this time of trial. Intellectually I know that Jesus knows and is in charge of everything when I surrender myself completely. I keep saying that I trust Him and that I want His will be done in my sons and in me. Silence BUT since yesterday afternoon, my heart has turned cold and bitter, Please pray for me, St.Therese, to be delivered from the enemy. And because I can hardly pray, say Your Act of Oblation again and again and again, on my behalf. Have our Blessed Mother smile at my sons and me, who are in distress. I am in terrible misery. Have all of heaven come to m aid, all the Angels and the Saints. Yes, I am unworthy of all the attention BUT I really need help.

  3. pls. pray for my I am very sick & I need to find a full time job. also I pray for purity.

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