Sometimes When I Am In A State

Pink blossoms

“Sometimes when I am in such a state of spiritual dryness that  not a single good thought occurs to me, I say very slowly the  “Our Father,” or the “Hail Mary,” and these prayers suffice to take me out of myself.”- St. Therese of Lisieux


2 comments on “Sometimes When I Am In A State
  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear Little Sister St. Therese. Thank you for loving me always. I Love You with all my heart.

  2. Dear mother bless me.. stay with us.. and help to cure my brother who suffering health issues and bless my brother to earn good income that can solve his basic needs. Amma bless everyone in this world. I love you Amma my Faith will never end with you always. Love you Amma may god bless your soul. Bless my family and friends amen!

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