Wednesday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
2 Corinthians 3: 4-11
Gospel Reading
Matthew 5: 17-19

Opening Prayer

Lawgiving One, sometimes we get confused about keeping Your law and following the freedom of Your Spirit. Enlighten us! Sometimes it seems safer just to keep the laws, because we are sure it keeps you happy. Yet some part of us hears you stretching us beyond law in the power and energy of Your Spirit. You expect so much more and get impatient with the minimalist way we measure ourselves against observance of laws. When the tension arises, keep us faithful to the ministry of Your Spirit which uplifts and frees people so that Your glory may continue to break out in your people fully alive. Remind us again that Your law is the Beatitudes of Jesus. Your glory shines in the poor, the sorrowing, the justice-seekers, the merciful, the single-hearted, peacemakers, and those who are most misunderstood.

Dear Therese of Lisieux, in 1895, as you were beginning the darkest time of the final surrender of your life and expectations to the Beloved Jesus, you made your Oblation to Merciful Love. You offered yourself totally to Love Who is God. Empower us to today with the same spirituality of self-sacrifice and generosity that moved you, Therese, so that we transcend our needs, hurts and hopes and return to God what is already His — our life! InSpirit us to understand the unconditional and all-powerful Mercy of God, especially when fear or insecurity invades our soul.

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