Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Timothy 1: 15-17
Gospel Reading
Luke 6: 43-49

Opening Prayer

God of Compassion and Mercy, You accept us as we are.  Your love is so unconditional and free that our human, sinful and limited souls cannot comprehend.  You are so much more powerful than our sins, which Your mercy floods and overwhelms.  We are humbled by Your generous and gracious mercy.  We often stand our ground and live our lives on the shifting sands of our needs and selfishness.  Help us to believe that You love us as You love Your Son, Jesus, who has embraced and saved us, connecting us with You.  Free us to accept the incredible embrace of Your loving mercy, that we might blossom in our world with the fruit of forgiveness and compassion for others.  We ask You this in the Name of Jesus, Who is Your Compassion and Mercy.

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