Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Ez 33:7-9
Second Scripture Reading
Rom 13:8-10
Gospel Reading
Mt 18:15-20

Opening Prayer

Your eyes are piercing and powerful, All-Seeing God!  Are You the watchman who carefully and softly attends to us with love?  Or the warden watching prisoners with mistrust and suspicion?  Give us the wide-eyed vision of love so that we never become trapped in a minimalist approach to law, but rather let Your Spirit of Love transform and uplift us to a higher level of living.  We are humbled that You give us the keys to Your Kingdom – not just to the Peter and the apostles, but to each and all of us?  You see something in us which we miss sometimes.  Empower us to forgive and free people, and not trap them in our darkness and pettiness.  In our prayerful and forgiving connectedness, Your reign blossoms and Your eyes brighten and open wide among us.  Thank You for Your gaze which transforms us.

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