Monday of the Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18
Gospel Reading
Luke 4: 16-30

Opening Prayer

Creative God and Lord Jesus, You worked hard in the creation and by the work of your hands. Empower us to share our energy, talents and experience to build up your earthly city and create your heavenly reign. Bless us with enthusiasm — Your energy!! Let us never be lessened by laziness of body, mind or spirit. Help us to work as though everything depends on us and pray as though everything depends on You. Help us to celebrate the creative and cooperative tension of Your work and our labor. Teach us to trust You, even as we work hard. As we celebrate our labor, save us from the heresy of believing that we can earn Your love. Empower us to accept it as a free gift. Never let us cheapen the generosity of Your free and unconditional love. Lord, give success to the work of our hands!

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