Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Jer 20:7-9
Second Scripture Reading
Rom 12:1-2
Gospel Reading
Mt 16:21-27

Opening Prayer

Sometimes I feel like a fool, Lord!  Why do I still trust You?  People are laughing at me.  Am I too innocent, naïve or deluded because I try to follow You and live Your values?  I feel like Jeremiah!  Why does Your passion have such a hold on me, and yet the foolishness and doubt prevail?  Sometimes Your whole message seems crazy and defies logic and good sense!  At the moment of glory and triumph, you speak of crisis, rejection and death.  You want us to be fully alive and yet you ask us to empty ourselves.  You are full of contradictions, Lord.  That’s why I don’t trust you sometimes.  I’ve seen what you did to your prophets, saints, martyrs and heroes, and to Your Son.  Like Peter, I want to walk with you, but avoid the pain!  That is why I try to grab everything?  Why do I still feel empty?  Save me from myself, Lord Jesus!

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