Twenty First Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Corinthians 1: 26-31
Gospel Reading
Matthew 25: 14-30

Opening Prayer

You know that the cross is still a scandal to us. We are addicted to power and being in charge. Your message is confusing, because You seem to work better in our weakness. Humble us to be comfortable being dependent on You, Lord. It is a struggle for us because of our need for power and self-initiation. Teach us to use your resources well. Do not let cowardice and fear stifle our gifts or cause us to hide our resources. Give us a spirit of courage, initiation and risk so that the talents you give us are magnified and more helpful for others. You know, Lord, that we get confused between dependence and initiation. Grace us the balance.

Beloved St. Therese, as a child of God, you needed a real sign that God was listening to and responding to your prayers. You adopted the accused and unrepentant murderer Pranzini and prayed for his conversion – and on this day, as he was being executed in 1887, he kissed the cross moments before death. You knew that was the confirming sign from Jesus that God listens to your prayers. Stretch our faith to trust God’s merciful response to the needs, hurts and hopes of our lives.

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