Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Romans 3: 21-30
Gospel Reading
Luke 11: 47-54

Opening Prayer

Jesus, you justified us before God. You saved all people, those I like and those I don’t. I stand in awe and wonder that your saving love is so universal and generously given. Through your blood, my sins are forgiven and we are all free. Help me to believe and live that experience. Jesus, you alienated the proud and prestigious people of your church and world by your bold challenging statements. You accuse good, religious people of killing your prophets and violating your sanctuary because they missed the point of God’s Word and twisted the nature of God’s Reign. Lord Jesus, we are good, religious people. Help us not to distort your message to serve our needs for comfort, security, power or control. Teach us the sanctity of all life – and empower us to work for the justice of all peoples’ rights – so that we may rebuild the Temple of your Spirit in the hearts of your people. Jesus, be the God of the Jews! Be the God of the Gentiles! Be my God! Be the God of my friends! Be the God of my enemies! Be the God of all!

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