Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Wisdom 7: 7-11
Second Scripture Reading
Hebrews 4: 12-13
Gospel Reading
Mark 10: 17-30

Opening Prayer

God of the Impossible, sometimes You really are impossible!! You want so much from me. You are frustrating in Your absolute demand. You won’t tolerate just my minimum! You want all of me – all of us! But I’m afraid to let go, even though I want to. Your Word penetrates me deeply. Your stare pierces to my core. You cut deep and humble me. I stand naked before You in the purity and power of Your truth. Your compassionate glance is warm and comforting, empowering me to walk naked before You, unashamed. You understand and embrace my fears and weakness. Fill me with Your Spirit of Wisdom so that I can discern well the possibilities of my life, and embrace what Your heart loves. Let Your Word so penetrate my heart that I am not afraid to let go and follow you with abandon. Help me to believe that following and drawing closer to You it is not a walk into emptiness, but a trusting leap into a fullness beyond what my heart can imagine. God of the Impossible, You make all things possible. Thank You!!!

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