Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Exodus 2: 1-15a
Gospel Reading
Matthew 11: 20-24

Opening Prayer

God of Life, the scared Levite woman released her son to the river of life. She was trusting him into Your hands. You picked him up with the hands of the Egyptian Princess. He was drawn out of water, as You have drawn us out of the water of our mother’s womb and the baptismal spring of divine life. Being faithful to who he was, Moses protected his heritage brothers and fled for his life, because You were giving him a new life, flowing from his heritage. You do work in strange and twisted ways, sometimes! As there must have been confusion in Moses, there is confusion in us. We hear Your gentleness and Your rage. Why was Jesus so hurt by those close by who would not listen or who turned away from him? Draw us out again today, from the cynicism, disillusionment and confusion which hardens and dries up the well- spring of Your life within us. We do not want to experience Your wrath, but Your uplifting arms.

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