Tuesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 35: 1-12
Gospel Reading
Mark 10: 28-31

Opening Prayer

You are demanding, great God. You expect so much! You are more generous than we can ever be and imagine. You are so just that You have no favorites. Our prayers, sacrifices, rituals don’t seem to earn Your affection. Yet we are to measure ourselves against You, in Whose image we are created and in Whose Son we are adopted. Do You understand what an impossible challenge this is? You ask us to give up everything, so that we will have everything. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. You turn our whole value system and religious expectations upside down. Please don’t allow me to give up today. Humble me to accept the power of Your Breath and Energy, Holy God, because in You, I can do everything. In Your Son Jesus, I am holy and worthy, and possess everything. Increase my faith and trust in You today.

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