Tuesday of Holy Week

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 49: 1-6
Gospel Reading
John 13: 21-33, 36-38

Opening Prayer

God of light, Jesus is your radiance. He shines in our midst and in our hearts with love born of the ages. In Him, You will extinguish all darkness and brighten all shadows. In him, You embrace the depth and length of our human experience, even the dark abysses we have created. You know the Judas in us. We have often been to the table with you, Jesus – we have eaten from your dish. Why do we still betray you by the way we distance, darken, and diminish others even in the name of light! Like Peter, we want to follow you everywhere – although we may be afraid when it gets too dark, too confusing, or too threatening. Can’t we just lie here with you and eat and remember? You are a radiant joy to be with. But you seem somber, Jesus. Why must you move on? Why must we move on? There is a tinge of fear in my heart about approaching darkness. I need the comfort of your light, Jesus! Don’t walk away!

St. Therese, this is the day, in 1994, when your parents were declared holy and “Venerable” by the Church, worthy to be investigated for official sainthood.  Help us today to reverence the parents God chose for us – the way our Moms and Dads loved us and gave themselves for us.  In a world that gets caught in what might have been and focuses on the dysfunctional voids and blames others, teach us to reverence our parents with gratitude that they did the best they knew how.  Teach us that valuable and freeing lesson, Therese: how truly venerable our parents are and were!

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