Tuesday in the Octave of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 2: 36-41
Gospel Reading
John 20: 11-18

Opening Prayer

Jesus of mystery, why can’t we touch you? Why are you already moving beyond us, even as you have just been raised from the tomb? There is something different about you. You are not so easy to recognize, but we do know your voice when we look and listen. Like those in your human time, we are always looking for something else from God. It is refreshing as we hear Peter proclaiming God’s forgiveness, bathing us in your life and God’s Spirit. Like Mary, we are looking for you. We are sorry that we mistake you for someone else sometimes. The mystery of you being so untouchable and so intimately close is awesome. Your resurrection broke down all barriers. Thank you for letting me hear and receive your good news and for trusting me to announce it to others.

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