Trinity Sunday

First Scripture Reading
Deuteronomy 4: 32-34, 39-40
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 8: 14-17
Gospel Reading
Matthew 28: 16-20

Opening Prayer

God beyond! God within! You are awesome! We know that we cannot ever understand or comprehend You, in Your complicated simplicity. But we rejoice that You have chosen to enter into relationship a with us. With outstretched arms You lift us up and make us the apple of Your eye. In choosing us, You have transformed and unified us that we might transform and unify Your world. In Jesus You have adopted us as Your children. We have direct, intimate access to You as Abba “Dad”. You sent Your Son and empowered us with Your Spirit to share your holiness with all people. Your outstretched arms are reaching out through us to embrace all. Keep us faithful to Your command to unify all Your people in the justice and peace of Your embrace. InSpirit us to work for unity amid the complex diversity of our life experience and human family. You have created us in Your divine image and inSpirited us in Your Son. Thank you for being the power, energy and life within us, Triune God: Abba, Son and Spirit-Wisdom.

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