Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 5: 27-33
Gospel Reading
John 3: 31-36

Opening Prayer

Jesus, we are so torn. We are of earth. We are of heaven. We are like you! God was generous in giving you everything because you sacrificed your all to Him. Give us that same generosity of spirit. Teach us to trust your Risen movement – to hear again your song and to respond to your voice. We need to let go of so much which prevents us from listening. We experience that power corrupts and insecurity threatens. Like the Sanhedrin, sometimes we strike out against what we most desire because it seems off-key.

Give us discerning hearts so that we can be obedient to both human and divine Voices. Sometimes, I find it difficult to distinguish them, Spoken Word of God. When they are in conflict, and even when human shouts are masked in religious language and rhythms, help me to listen to your deeper voice and respond with courage to your eternal song of freedom, justice and peace. Protect us from people who will not allow you to sing new songs in our hearts and history.

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