Memorial of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr

First Scripture Reading
Revelation 14: 14-19
Gospel Reading
Luke 21: 5-11

Opening Prayer

Jesus, I get nervous when You speak of turmoil, pain, and warfare. I want Your kingdom to break out peacefully. Yet, I know that we are in the birth pangs of Your reign – we wrestle with darkness we’ve created. We need Your hope. We need Your presence to help us rise above the darkness and emptiness. Use Your sickle to mow down the weeds of my soul and gather the wine of Your reign. Squeeze what is ripe so that we might drink the eternal wine of Your life. Keep us vigilant to false prophets to announce Your coming in ways that are destructive, dividing, and demeaning. Give us faith to hear and respond to the fetal vibrations of Your reign within us.

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