Memorial of Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church

First Scripture Reading
Romans 15: 14-21
Gospel Reading
Luke 16: 1-8

Opening Prayer

Jesus, sometimes you are hard to figure out. You challenge us to give up everything and trust God. Yet in today’s parable you encourage us to be enterprising and take initiative. Probably what you liked is that, even if we are self-serving and devious, you can create good despite our motivation – especially if it is good for others. The servant who was nervous about his job helped create justice by lessening burdens on others. Like Paul, we are grateful that all good which comes from our actions actually comes from you, the Christ of creation. You fill us with goodness and grace. You work through us with mighty signs and marvels, as well as in humble, surprising and hidden ways. You are awesome, Lord Jesus! You are even devious sometimes! Your Word is enterprising and powerful. Your Gospel changes peoples’ lives. Your Spirit is transforming our world. Thank you! No wonder you ask us to trust you!

Lord Jesus, St. Leo tried to unify and heal the brokenness of your Body, the Church.  I need your help to heal your broken Body today.  Give me your Wisdom, Word and power not to fracture more your Body by making judgments which exclude or hurt or by behaviors which damage the dignity of others.  InSpirit me with humility so that when I am feeling high and mighty, I can look at you, the King of the whole universe. 

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