Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Romans 8: 26-30
Gospel Reading
Luke 13: 22-30

Opening Prayer

Eternal Weaver, it is good to know that in the confusing strands and dangling fibers of my life that You are weaving it all together into the fabric of Your Reign. Even though I like to be in control and sometimes panic at human frailty and confusion, it is comforting to know that You work best in my weakness–that Your Spirit speaks even when I am speechless and lost in confusion. It is awesome to know that You have loved me before I was conceived and born; that I am eternal and beloved in Your Heart. Your touch brings order and peace, weaving wholeness and harmony. Like religious people in Jesus’ life, I sometimes wonder who gets into the final weaving and eternal tent. Sometimes I’m arrogant enough to believe that because I’m Catholic, Christian and saved that this is enough. I forget that I must work with You in weaving Your Reign–not rest on Your choice nor my laurels. Help me to cooperate more with the way You are breaking into our world and weaving the fabric of Your Reign. Embrace me in Your love. Squeeze out all arrogance. Weave me into the folds of Your garments.

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