Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Romans 8: 31b-39
Gospel Reading
Luke 13: 31-35

Opening Prayer

Jesus, from your divine heart you wept over the holy city. Like the forlorn mother of a lost child, you cried in the painful agony of a broken heart. Your people had lost touch with your heart – the heart of your covenant. Unrequited love echoes with the hurt of longing. Help me not to be unfaithful in our relationship. I don’t want to cause you to shed more tears. The child in me wants to be your protected temple and innocent playmate. Thank you for being at my side. And on my side. You allow nothing, no matter how dark or frightening or dangerous, to separate me from you. Soften my heart that your love can penetrate. Make me vulnerable as you are vulnerable. Save me from rigid and righteous religion that is hard- hearted. Thank you for choosing me to be among your chosen ones. Collect me under your soft, warm wings that my heart might fly to you, knowing that you have come in the name of the Lord.

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