Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent

First Scripture Reading
Daniel 3: 25, 34-43
Gospel Reading
Matthew 18: 21-35

Opening Prayer

Sometimes I feel like the children of Israel -lost, downtrodden, beaten up by life, alienated from dreams, exiled from my heart, and disillusioned by the broken promises of life – and I wonder where you are, O Lord! Reveal Yourself with power, glory and uplifting signs, if not for my sake, for the sake of Abraham and our ancestors and for the sake of Jesus Your Son, who lives among us. You are faithful, and You love Your beloved. As You are merciful, help each and all of us to be as forgiving and understanding as You are. It is such a stretch that You want us to be like You, but I believe that You have created us in Your image and inSpirited us with Your Son. Please do not treat me the way I treat others. Continue to be bigger and better – and help me to be like You in Your unconditional forgiveness and generous compassion.

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