Monday of the Third Week of Lent

First Scripture Reading
2 Kings 5: 1-15ab
Gospel Reading
Luke 4: 24-30

Opening Prayer

Our righteousness and insecurity must confuse You, God of all peoples. Sometimes I believe that my devotion, faith and hard work have earned me a privileged and special place in Your love and salvation. Like Jesus’ friends in the synagogue, I get threatened and indignant when I hear that people I deem less worthy are included in the embrace of Your love. Then other times, I’m like the king of Israel whose insecurity doesn’t allow Your saving and healing power to work through me or to recognize Your prophets around me. Keep me sensitive and responsive to the Naamans and outsiders who come into my life, seeking Your love, touch and embrace. Sometimes I long to dive into other waters I choose rather than the Jordan you appoint as the holy water of my life. Cleanse me of confusion, Jesus. Heal the leprosy of righteousness that blinds me to Your saving presence. Touch the deep insecurity and emptiness inside me that projects darkness everywhere. Plunge into the churning waters of my spirit, calm my confusion, renew my soul with the trust and wonder of a little child – the Child of God born in me in the Jordan of my Baptism.

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