Third Week of Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 45: 6c-8, 18: 21c-25
Gospel Reading
Luke 7: 18b-23

Opening Prayer

You sound jealous, Holy God! After all You do for us and have done for us, we still do not recognize You as the One and Only God. Gently rain into our disbelief. Continue to be salvation and establish justice. We will wake up sooner or later. We are like John the Baptist. Because Jesus did not do it John’s way, he doubted and questioned whether he had named the right Messiah. Be our dawn, so that we can see You for Who You are, amid the darkness and blindness which shroud us. Gentle us to be present where You are with us, and not to be looking somewhere else. Refocus us to see Your signs, not only our expectations! Be Emmanuel for us! Jealously possess our hearts. Humble us to give them to You as You come to us. Be Emmanuel!

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