Tuesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
2 Samuel 6: 12b-15, 17-19
Gospel Reading
Mark 3: 31-35

Opening Prayer

Radiant God, Desire of the human heart, I love the way David is dancing and celebrating as Your holy Ark and Presence is brought into the holy city of Jerusalem. His enthusiasm and love for You is contagious and they all celebrate and eat. Your presence should instill joy, celebration and life. You are the deepest desire of our heart. But why are Your holy people so serious in Church today. Your presence seems to have a somber effect on us. Our Church-faces seem so dour. We don’t celebrate and seem alive, even as we eat your holy meal. Challenge and empower us again that we may know that we are Your family – we are mother and brother and sister to Jesus, as we follow your law of love – and we should celebrate and be alive just as we are at family meals on holidays. InSpirit our gatherings as Your holy people at Mass that our hearts may dance, our spirits celebrate and our bodies radiate your holy presence within and among us.

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