Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

First Scripture Reading
Acts 3:1-10
Second Scripture Reading
Galatians 1:11-20
Gospel Reading
John 21:15-19

Opening Prayer

You have a surprising sense of humor, Holy God! You built the Church on Peter and Paul. They were powerful in their service to Jesus and proclaiming Your saving Word. We love the wholeheartedness of Peter. We cherish the charismatic Paul. We thank you for their struggles and the way they poured themselves out for your Church. As Peter became protective of the heritage and Paul became more expansive with the message, keep your Church faithful to the tension. Keep us faithful to the past as we create your new future with the kingdom keys you have given us. Some people try to confine your Church to be a museum of the past. Help us move with Your Spirit, based on the rock of faith. Empower us to use well the keys of freedom and bondage, to open your saving message to all peoples. You must still be smiling as you watch us today deal with the tension of being protectively faithful and expansively creative. Peter and Paul, continue to live equally in us!

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