Memorial of Saints Cyril, Monk, and Methodius, Bishop

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 6: 5-8, 7: 1-5, 10
Gospel Reading
Mark 8: 14-21

Opening Prayer

You get me nervous when You start wiping things out and recreating. I’m sorry that I carry on the selfishness and destruction of Your Covenant creation. As You wash us clean, please also save us again. We seem to need continued re-rinsing. Like Noah, help us gather and save enough of everyone and everything to be creative of Your Covenant dreams. Empower us to be faithful yeast that helps the bread of Your reign to rise and Your justice to expand. Sometimes we like other yeast because its power seems more immediate and more focused on me. Help us to believe and trust in Your powerful Presence among us, so that we don’t have to rely on the bread of our own resources. Sometimes we have amnesia regarding Your Faithfulness.

God of love, we celebrate the gift of love and the people Your love gifts us with.  Help us to be as self-emptying and generous as You are in the way we treat, respect, reverence, and appreciate the people who reflect Your Face and Presence to us.

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