Seventh Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 22: 30, 23: 6-11
Gospel Reading
John 17: 20-26

Opening Prayer

I do not feel abandoned, Lord Jesus. Even though you stand with God in glory, I experience your presence within and around me. You are the power beyond me who energizes my gifts and quenches my destructive instincts. You are my ability to love. Like Paul, root me in the ancient faith that I might soar with great hope. Keep me faithful to your resurrecting presence among us. Give me courage when people don’t understand or make false judgments about my motives. Give me the courage you gave Paul – and inSpirit us with his passion. Transform us, Lord Jesus, into living sacraments of your presence, so that people will know that you are with us by the way we treat each other. InSpirit us with gentleness, justice, power and love so that your glory may break out in our world and God’s reign may come. Jesus, thank you for being within and beyond!

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