Monday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Samuel 15: 16-23
Gospel Reading
Mark 2: 18-22

Opening Prayer

Holy God, You can be a real tyrant at times! Saul followed most of Your commands, but You get hot and bothered because of some minor disobedience! No wonder people are afraid of You! Humble us to be obedient to Your wisdom, instead of bending laws in selfish, self-justification. We hope that You are pleased with the sacrifice of the Mass and that it will cover the multitude of our compromises. Your rejection of Saul disturbs me. Yet, Jesus You also delight my heart that You want us to celebrate Your Presence instead of grimly fasting. You are the new wine of God’s presence among us. Some people would have us so serious and miserable, awaiting your coming, as if the more painful or miserable something is, the holier it might be. They make following You so dour and uninviting! I’m glad that You don’t teach in that school of misery masquerading as religion! You have freed us and invite us to rejoice in your presence – You have already embraced us! Teach us to drink of the wine of Your Presence and create the new world of Your Reign.

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