Second Week of Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Samuel 18: 6-9, 19: 1-7
Gospel Reading
Mark 3: 7-12

Opening Prayer

Holy God, sometimes I am jealous like Saul. I resent the success and popularity of others, and somehow believe that it diminishes me. I strike out in anger to destroy with words, actions or silence. Bless me with friends like Jonathan who challenge my pettiness, insecurity and sinfulness. Calm that violent darkness within me which is disturbed and erupts in the face of the success of others. As the crowds followed and listened to Jesus, even unclean spirits were sensitive to Your Holy Presence in him. Help me always to feel your touch and know Your healing presence and ennobling power, when I am sinking in my own dark, violent insecurity. Calm me, especially when jealousy is destroying me – and others!

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