Thursday of the Second Week of Lent

First Scripture Reading
Jeremiah 17: 5-10
Gospel Reading
Luke 16: 19-31

Opening Prayer

Jesus, Son of God, our brother, please soften Your heart. So what if I enjoy the wealth and resources that are mine! I’ve worked hard for it. If Lazarus had worked as hard, he might be enjoying the same! Why do You demand that I share with them? Why do they sit at the front door ruining the comfortable neighborhood of my experience? I know that You came back from the dead to heal all injustice with the living water of God’s mercy and refresh the freedom and dignity of all God’s children. But it is still such a stretching message. Jesus, you can read my heart – my best intentions. I don’t want to wake up too late! I don’t want to be a barren bush thirsting in the desert. Plant me near the running water of Your Spirit that I might be like You, rooted in justice – that my heart may reflect Your generous servant heart!

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