Second Week of Lent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 1: 10, 16-20
Gospel Reading
Matthew 23: 1-12

Opening Prayer

Jesus, I love being righteous – sitting at the head of the table, all dressed up in the fabric of my piety, holiness and devotions. I love the power and prestige of being one of your chosen. Why do you always insist on humility! I’m well into a routine of Lenten sacrifice and yet you demand justice and generosity to those not included in the circle of power and privilege. Continue to empty your Spirit into me that I might empty myself in service of others, especially the fragile, frightened and forgotten. Can’t I just be religiously white and devotionally holy, without the red blood and frustrating sweat of working for justice? You don’t make it easy, do you!! Wash me clean, Lord Jesus – let your Spirit purify, humble and empower my heart!

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