Memorial of Saint Catherine of Siena

First Scripture Reading
Acts 5: 34-42
Gospel Reading
John 6: 1-15

Opening Prayer

God of Patience, God of Wonders, give us the wisdom to You. Humble us not to squelch or attack movements and people we don’t understand. So often, our fear becomes the touchstone of truth. Let the movement of Your Spirit through our experience and history be the test of their origin. Let them blossom before we determine what they are. InSpirit us with patience and wisdom to look for the deeper truth and your revealing presence and voice. Like the apostles, do we need to have enemies to know that we are making a difference in your Name? In continuing witness to your risen and powerful presence among us, you challenge us to share what we have that all your sisters and brothers may have hungers satisfied. We desperately hang on to and hoard the 5 loaves and few fish we have borrowed. Teach us, that in the strange mystery of your wonders and your reign, there is always more than enough when we empty ourselves. Let your generosity and patience live and work in us, Lord! Teach us the lesson of your Cross and Resurrection!

In 1923, when you would have been only 50 years old, the official Church beatified Therese Martin.  It confirmed what millions already believed, that you, Therese, were with the Risen Lord and were doing powerful good on earth, as a heavenly friend and intercessor.  Today, humble and inspire us to see the blessedness of people who affirm and challenge us on this journey of life and love.  Empower us to be as faithful to Jesus as you were and are, blessed Thérèse, and see His Face in each person we meet this day.

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