Memorial of Saint Clare, Virgin

First Scripture Reading
Dt 4:32-40
Gospel Reading
Mt 16:24-28

Opening Prayer

Faithful God, I rejoice that You choose us as Yours. We are Your beloved possession. You have done so much to show Your love and to refine and challenge us – so that our best comes forth – that we live from the divine image You created us in. Your faithful and generous love is our heritage and our destiny. As we reflect on our life experience, we are astounded at the marvelous ways You have molded and love us. You truly are source and summit, Good God – You are our center and our identity. We need Your help today to make You the priority and focus of our energy and love, just as You have made us Your priority and precious possession. Amid the challenges and crosses of our lives, inSpirit us to follow Jesus and be bigger than our petty needs and hurts. Keep us faithful to You, Faithful God.

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