Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 3: 9-15,20
Gospel Reading
John 19: 25-34

Opening Prayer

Eternal God of all people, does it surprise you that Adam blames Eve for his disobedience? Why do men often blame and shame women and not see them as equal partners on this journey of life? And they both blame others for what they did! Why do we like to feel irresponsible and blame others? Does it disappoint You that we do not see ourselves to be partners with You in being responsible for others and creation, as You have empowered us? Inspirit us to trust that you are renewing and empowering us each day to create Your Kingdom by the way we live our lives. Open our eyes that we not see the demonic in people and events we don’t like, understand or feel threatened by. Count us among Your family, Your beloved sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters of Jesus who are cooperating with His Spirit in making this a better world where Your loving Presence and Good News is tangibly experienced by all people who share this planet with us. May Your indwelling Presence within us make us responsible disciples and messengers of Your love, justice, respect and peace.

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