Memorial of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

First Scripture Reading
1 John 3: 22 - 4: 6
Gospel Reading
Matthew 4: 12-17, 23-25

Opening Prayer

Divine Wisdom, God of Revelation, we live in a world of noise and voices which shout of fear and self-indulgence. How do we hear Your voice – and discern Your will? False prophets sometimes appear as angels of light. Even within our Church we have good, sacred people who call us backward – who would cling to the past, rather than to You and Your Spirit moving forward and creating the new world of Your Reign. Their need for security overwhelms Your call of faith. We want to listen to You and be faithful to Jesus. Help us to embrace his truth: that the test of whether we are of You is the way we love each other. With Your healing power, touch us and reform our attitudes. Write Your Gospel upon our hearts. As Jesus touched and transformed so many in the Galilee and throughout the Holy Land, change us so that we love as You love, without judgment and with gentle reverence and compassion. Help us discern false, angry and destructive voices within and around us, and respond only to your voice of love. InSpirit us to follow Your light throughout the holy land of our life today.

Today we celebrate the Baptism of the “Little Flower” in 1873. Keep us faithful to our immersion in Christ’s life and love as St. Therese was and is!

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