Memorial of St. Barnabas, the Apostle

First Scripture Reading
Acts 11: 21b-26, 13: 1-3
Gospel Reading
Matthew 5: 20-26

Opening Prayer

Lord, You anointed Barnabas with the special mission to proclaim your saving message to new peoples and to be the companion of Paul. His powerful faith and passionate love for you was contagious. Many came to believe in you through his conviction and passion. You were the treasure of his heart and the power of his journey. Lay your hands on us today, Lord Jesus. Fire us again with love to proclaim your saving reign. Empower us to trust only you and your message – to travel light, without the emotional, psychic and demonic baggage which cripples us and others. Be the treasure of our hearts. Give us good companions who break the bread of life with us. Help us companion others in the challenging journey to your reign.

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