Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

First Scripture Reading
Exodus 32: 15-24, 30-34
Gospel Reading
Matthew 13: 31-35

Opening Prayer

God of Mercy, like the children of Israel we panic in the desert. When You do not act quickly, we lose faith. We build golden calves and idolize our human needs. We make gods of self-satisfaction and self- serving needs. Embrace us with Your mercy, for we are impatient and need to learn to trust You more. In desert moments of pain, confusion and darkness, when our hungers consume us, pour forth Your Spirit of trust and deeper faith. Even though we seek tangible signs of your presence, please help us to listen to Jesus – that Your reign is like a tiny mustard seed. It seems small, but grows to an enormous bush. That Your reign is like leaven – we cannot always see it, but it makes the whole dough of human experience rise because of the faithful presence of Jesus in our midst. Help us to be patient with seeds and leaven, because they are of You.

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