Memorial of Saints Cyril

First Scripture Reading
1 Kings 11: 29-32; 12:19
Gospel Reading
Mark 7: 31-37

Opening Prayer

God of Israel, our God, You really will split the nation because of the infidelity of the human heart. We live with divided hearts. So many priorities pull at us and divide peoples. I’m sorry for the injustice and lack of peace my divided heart and mixed motives cause. I need the healing touch of Jesus to purify my tongue and heart. Take me aside and quietly speak to my soul. Open doors and walls that I’ve created which divide, limit and hurt. My spirit longs to be open to You, Holy God of History– to hear Your voice and feel Your touch. You are the unifying God of healing and miracle. God of Love and Lovers, keep us faithful to Your Law of Love. Empower us to make the necessary sacrifices of love, as we celebrate St. Valentine and the loving people who ennoble our lives this day. Thank You!!

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