Memorial of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen

First Scripture Reading
1 John 2: 22-28
Gospel Reading
John 1: 19-28

Opening Prayer

Faithful God, will life get back to normal now? Parties, celebrations and football games are over. In Your great love, you anointed us in Your Spirit and the life of Your Christ flows through us. Keep us faithful to the truth we know in our hearts, as revealed by Christ and spoken within us. It is awesome the way You have immersed us in the life of Your Son Jesus, and given us direct and intimate access to You in Him. Continue to pour forth Your Spirit to keep us faithful every day and every breath of this new year. Religious and searching people questioned and misjudged John the Baptist because they expected something other than what You were going to do. Give us his baptism of water which opens us to the more powerful reality of Your Baptism by Your Spirit into Jesus the Christ. Teach us not to mistake or be satisfied with lesser actions when Your more powerful breaths more deeply transform us and our world. Be our faithful God – keep us faithful to Jesus. May He live on in us!

Happy Birthday, St. Therese. In 1873, God blessed the Martin family and us with your life and journey on earth.

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